Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lost in the document trail

I like this phrase  #Lostinthedocumenttrail. It was on +Who Do You Think You Are? last night.  It's a nice way of saying hitting a #brickwall

 I'm currently lost and in the virtual woods of Northern RI looking for my Native American 4xG-Grandparents Benomi (Benjamin) Lippit died Lincoln 9/6/1891 parents Ceasar & Robie Coffee Lippitt are listed on the death register.  I can't find any information on them or the birth of his wife Nancy Coffee Lippitt died 12/29/1873; Their other son Emery Lippit died 8/8/1875 (age 24);
They are the parents of my 3xG-Grandfather Ernest E Lippitt who passed away Sept 21, 1916 (see the previous post). any help would be appreciated.